Natural Skin Care Tips – Selenium For Skin Problems

There are a lot of different skin problems that are related to our diet and our health in general. Our skin, being the largest organ, reflects the body’s level of health. Here are more natural skin care tips that can help with some skin problems.

We all know that our body’s health is dependent on the nutrients that are provided by the food we eat. If our diet lacks some essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes or antioxidants, our body cannot function properly and we develop all kinds of diseases. One of those trace minerals is selenium. It is generally found in the soil and is taken up by the plants. Most people get enough of this mineral if they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, but deficiency can cause many skin problems. Read on to learn more about selenium deficiencies and related skin problems.

Selenium is a mineral that lives in the soil and is taken up by plants. When you eat selenium-containing plants, your body absorbs some of the selenium and uses it for some essential functions. Though selenium is an important mineral for health, your body only needs a very small amount. People with certain medical conditions might benefit from selenium supplements. In addition, topical solutions containing selenium sulfide are used to treat some skin conditions.

Selenium in Diet

How much selenium you take in as part of your diet depends in part on where your food is raised. Soils in some parts of the world naturally contain more selenium and pass this on to the plants and animals raised there. In the United States, Nebraska and North and South Dakota have high levels of selenium in the soil. Elsewhere in the world, parts of Russia and China have low selenium levels in the soil. People who live in areas with low levels of selenium who eat only locally grown food can suffer from selenium deficiency, while people who eat a lot of food from areas with high levels of selenium tend to take in a lot of selenium as part of their diet.

Brazil Nuts - Image from Wikipedia

The best source of selenium are Brazil nuts. You only need 1- 2 a day to meet your daily recommended amount. If you don’t like nuts and are not big on fresh fruits and vegetables, you may want to invest in a good vitamin supplement. Dr. Lark has developed a new daily supplement especially designed with skin in mind, called Radiance.┬áIt will provide your body with nutrients necessary to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, support collagen production and moisturize your skin from inside.

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