Natural Acne Remedies – How To Break The Acne Equation

Do you ever wonder why some people always get acne no matter what they do and others can get away with eating junk food, smoking and drinking and still manage to avoid acne problems? There are basically 3 factors that are needed for acne to occur: hormonal imbalances which are especially common in teens, toxic build up usually from the food we eat and genetic tendencies. If you eliminate the first two, the third problem will not get a chance to express itself. This is also true for other genetic predispositions. Just because certain problems or diseases run in your family doesn’t mean that they will affect you too. With a healthy diet, exercise, plenty of sleep and relaxation you can prevent certain genetic trades from expressing themselves. And that’s a very good news.

Natural Acne Cure – How To Break The Acne Equation In today’s Western world, many doctors view acne as an external illness and numerous acne treatments are.

So try some natural remedies, relax and keep smiling. It will help clear up your acne too πŸ™‚


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