Manuka Honey – New Zealand’s Natural Skin Care Ingredient

When you think about honey, natural skin care doesn’t always come to mind, but it really should. Honey has been known for its moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties for ages. It’s often used in moisturizers and creams as a natural skin care ingredient. Not all honey is created equal. There is one kind, called manuka honey, that has very high anti-bacterial properties. It is made by bees in New Zealand that frequent the manuka bush and can be used to treat many different skin problems including acne, blemishes, eczema or psoriasis. Read on to learn more about the benefits of manuka honey.

With all of the new and innovative natural skin care products on the market today, you’ve probably never even considered using honey as a moisturizer. Have you? Actually, it’s not even a new idea. In fact, honey has been used in natural skin care remedies for centuries. Cleapatra was known for taking milk and honey baths to condition her skin and keep it smooth. For centuries, countless other women have used natural honey to treat their skin too. They probably didn’t understand how it worked, but they continued to use it because it gave them smooth and luminous skin.

Why Use Honey as A Moisturizer?

Honey bee - Image from Wikipedia

Honey is not only an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent – it is also a humectant. A humectant is simply an ingredient which draws moisture to the skin, and retains it. For this reason, honey is a very popular ingredient in moisturizers.

Also, because of the natural anti-bacterial properties in honey, it is commonly used for acne treatment, as well as for cuts, burns and abrasions.

It’s actually quite interesting that the popularity of using honey in skin care declined when antibiotics became popular, but there is now a resurgence of interest in natural skin care remedies of all kinds. People now understand that an all natural approach can be far more effective and cheaper if done correctly.

Whether you have access to manuka honey or any other raw honey, they are all good to treat scrapes and scratches. It’s especially helpful with the kids to prevent bacterial infections. Raw honey can also be used as a natural skin care ingredient to prevent wrinkles. And don’t forget to add some to your hot tea, especially if you have a cold.

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